Sliding Discs

$29 USD

Color: Grey

The Sliding Discs will intensify your core & balance workouts. Place your hands or feet on the disc for a low impact but highly effective full body workout. These discs will take your workouts to the next level by improving your agility for both upper and lower body strength. They can be used for a huge variety of exercises like lunges, planks, bridges, mountain climbers etc.

ANY SURFACE: Sliding Discs can be used in any surface. Made from smooth plastic in one side and foam on the other, the dual-sided discs slide in carpet, tiles, wood flooring, yoga mats & any other hard floor.

PORTABLE: The Sliding Discs are extremely lightweight and compact, easy to pack them in any bag and take anywhere even when traveling. They are convenient for home workouts and a great accessory addition for the gym. 

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